Barsaglina 2016- Mannucci Droandi

Barsaglina 2016- Mannucci Droandi

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PHILOSOPHY: Small Producer - Organic
VINE: 100% Barsaglina

Since the beginning of the 90's, in the old vineyards, in the abandoned fields, we look for vines of which we lost memory and which represent the ampelographic heritage of Tuscany, immense and at risk of erosion. In order to help saving it, we planted these "rediscovered" grape varieties in two experimental vineyards, microvinified the grapes and verified their quality. Some were so interesting that we decided to bottle their wine. The awareness of being the first ones to introduce them to the market gives us the sensation of a duty accomplished, the pleasure of proposing something which comes back to life from a remote past: an emotion, which we want to share with the ones who will taste this wine. The taste is pungent, mineral with a slightly sweet aftertaste, the nose opens in an exceptional aromatic bouquet while the color is of a slightly drained red.

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