The King of Artisan Panettone 1 kg & Bottle of Moscato
The King of Artisan Panettone 1 kg & Bottle of Moscato
The King of Artisan Panettone 1 kg & Bottle of Moscato
The King of Artisan Panettone 1 kg & Bottle of Moscato
The King of Artisan Panettone 1 kg & Bottle of Moscato
The King of Artisan Panettone 1 kg & Bottle of Moscato
The King of Artisan Panettone 1 kg & Bottle of Moscato

The King of Artisan Panettone 1 kg & Bottle of Moscato

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For many years now, during the Christmas season, I have been sharing with all my customers a product of excellence such as the "Panettone Artigianale".

I chose to collaborate with Pasticceria Rigacci for various reasons including the certainty of having a 100% handcrafted product created with the best raw materials.

The Panettone of the Rigacci Pastry Shop is the "King of Panettone".

I have been collaborating with Roberto Rigacci for three years now, and I am very proud to share his artisanal product, because my mission is to support small businesses: when you share good things in limited edition away from the mass market it is like accessing private and confidential information

The Final Panettone World Championship 2021

The levels of this artisanal panettone are very high, in fact in 2021 it reached the Final of the World Championship for Panettoni 

Did you know that there is a competition that rewards the best panettone of the year?

In 2020, among 200 participants of the competition held in Bari, a Tuscan Pastry Shop won, where the owner is a customer of Osteria di Casa Chianti.

Rigacci Roberto, in fact, runs the pastry shop together with his brother and father, and after years of passion they won the 2020 Edition as the best Chocolate Panettone of Italy.

What is the difference between this and the supermarkets that throw them at you?

So I asked Roberto directly and he kept me on the phone for an hour and a half: can you imagine talking for an hour and a half about Panettone! Not even talking about the position of Belen's butterfly!

Sourdough and Leavening Hours?

The sourdough used is the one they made in 1998, and the leavening hours are 100!

Are we sure that the butter is all the same?

The butter used is exclusively butter from Normandy, because Italian butter is white while butter from Normandy is yellow, in fact they also call it "Golden Button".

The taste of Italian butter is light while this one is creamier and tastier because it is obtained from centrifuged cream, in order to maintain a taste as close as possible to that of milk. In Italy butter is obtained from cream which is the result of a previous processing of milk. Among other things, this explains why butter in French cooking is considered as a real food, to be consumed raw in order to better taste its aroma.

How many doughs does Roberto make?

Unlike the Italian school, which requires two doughs, Roberto makes three in order to give the product more softness and fluffiness.

NEW: The "Ciocorum"

Let's discover it together.....

It is the latest creation of Pastry Rigacci in Limited Edition!

It is a panettone created with chocolate and rum.

4 types of chocolate...was one type of chocolate enough?

4 types of chocolate are used to give a unique result and make you enjoy it like a hedgehog, in fact is used

- 31% 55% cocoa

- 31% 70% cocoa

- 31% 85% cocoa

- 7% 100% cocoa

Which Rum?

It is used a part of Rum XO, therefore aged minimum 10 years and maximum 30 years and then it is also used a Rum Agricole from Martinique, which give a floral and fruity taste.

But do you think, after reading the hard work of Roberto in searching for products and experimenting with the various mixtures, the large-scale retail trade has all these mental problems?

Buy "Cioccorum" now,

in limited edition, elected in 2020 the best chocolate panettone of Italy.

Moscato la Morandina

I love this Muscat, especially at the end of a meal when paired with a product of excellence such as this Artisanal Panettone

A Moscato produced in small quantities of the highest level!

100% White Muscat produced from vineyards in the commune of Castiglione Tinella. This sweet wine from Morandina winery is fragrant and amazes for its freshness as well as for its aromas of orange flowers.

Natural fermentation in autoclave for one month, for a fat and persistent froth.

Grape juice in the mouth with that delicate effervescence that only a quality Moscato d'Asti can have.

La Morandina Moscato is the ideal companion for Rigacci's handcrafted Panettone.

Happy Panettone and a toast to Artisanal Products

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