Artisan Flour with Ancient Grains Verna

Artisan Flour with Ancient Grains Verna

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VARIETY: Artisan Flour with Stone-Milled Ancient Verna Grains

FORMAT: 500 gr

Thanks to the Mugello supply chain, these grains are selected in order to create this wonderful artisan product.

Grani Antichi stone-ground type 2 flour has excellent nutritional characteristics and is easier to work with than whole-wheat flour.

Verna wheat is an ancient variety of wheat of Tuscan origin, whose name comes from Mount Verna in Casentino, where it was cultivated in the past by the Casentino monks.

This kind of flour was very appreciated in the past for its rustic characteristics, and then it was forgotten for many decades, as it was definitely less productive than today's varieties.

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