Tyrrells chips with sea salt

Tyrrells chips with sea salt

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VARIETY: Potato chips with sea salt

SIZE: 250 gr

"Hand Cooked Potato Chips" the English Artisan Chips

In the green heart of the English countryside of Herefordshire, a few steps from the border with Wales, stands Tyrrells Court Farm, a farm that has been dedicated to the cultivation of potatoes for three generations.

Precisely in Leominster, a village with typical black and white wooden cottages, Will Chase, owner of Tyrrels Court Farm, decided in 2002 to convert one of the warehouses used for storing potato crops into a factory suitable for the production of artisanal potato chips.

This is how Tyrrells potato chips were born, in elegant old style packaging, which in a few years became one of the favorite snacks of the English people.

Tyrrells selects the oldest varieties of potatoes that just from their names, Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta, evoke an artisanal feel, and then slices them finely and fries them in small batches to ensure their crispness.

A potato chip without GMO, artificial preservatives, with a simple and genuine taste, as fragrant as freshly cooked!

Classic Taste with Sea Salt ideal for adults and children at any time of day.

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