Pecorino Cheese Seasoned - Aged under Ash

Pecorino Cheese Seasoned - Aged under Ash

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VARIETY: Pecorino

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Maturing under ashes is an ancient method of preservation and maturation that was used in the past by farmers before the use of refrigerators. It is obtained entirely from sheep's milk. After resting in a cell for 30 days, it is lowered into barrels containing only ash from the pure combustion of wood, mainly oak and chestnut. In a minimum of 60 days, the cheese adapts to this particular bed that penetrates it with extreme slowness, releasing its bitterness and burnt taste, while it matures in the absolute absence of air. The microclimate that forms is mainly composed of dense and motionless dust, which, as it clears, becomes one with the shape of the pecorino. Particularly suitable at the end of a meal, it develops its maximum level of flavor at least one hour after being cut. It is recommended to accompany it with dry and robust wines, compotes and delicate honeys or dried fruit at room temperature. Excellent also tasted with a drizzle of new oil.

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