Surprise for Grandma

Surprise for Grandma

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Discovering the tastes of the past

1 package of Pennoni pasta with Mugello stone-ground flour

 1 package of Spaghetti alla chitarra with Mugello stone-ground flour

 1 package of Paccheri with Mugello stone-ground flour

 1 Package of Stone-Milled Wholemeal Flour 

 1 Package of Flour with Ancient Grains

 3 Jars of Tuscan Tomato Puree BIO

 3 Jars of Pomarola Toscana BIO

Do you remember when your grandmother used to tell you anecdotes about her youth in the countryside?

 The stories of the wheat fields, the afternoons spent boiling tomatoes and the smell of real pasta?

This is the right package to give to your grandmother!

A package created to re-discover the authentic tastes of the past linked to the true stories of the Tuscan countryside.

 The love of sharing at the table the emotions of products grown and selected with the heart.

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