The Wine Secret Box

The Wine Secret Box

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Bi-monthly or Annual Subscription ?


 By purchasing now The Secret Box by Max Canton you will have the opportunity to receive at your home, a box of 6 bottles to experience the same emotions that Max feels when he has to go and discover a new winery.

--> "Bimonthly" subscription to 6 Mysterious Bottles

(145 € every 2 months)

 The subscription includes the delivery of 6 mysterious bottles directly to your home, and you will be able to stop it without paying any penalty by sending a simple cancellation email.

--> Subscription "Annually" 6 bimonthly releases of 6 bottles 

6 bimonthly issues at the special price of € 780 

(130 € per bimonth instead of 145 €)

Discover the exclusive advantages with the annual subscription:

- An annual saving of 90 €, in fact you will pay 780 € instead of 870 €.

- 1 Magnum of wine for free

- 1 Visit with wine tasting for two people in a prestigious Tuscan winery

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