Set Tasting (USA) - Bolgheri vs France

Set Tasting (USA) - Bolgheri vs France

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It 's a journey dedicated to the discovery of Bolgheri wines that will be compared with the goodies that Max has selected for you.

What to expect by purchasing this Tasting set ?

Discover the pleasures of the Tuscan coast of Bolgheri in the presence of three experiences selected by Max

📌 Tasting Set composed of:

6 bottles of Bolgheri wines + 6 bottles of French wines

Let's discover the secrets of Labels:

Bolgheri - Grattamacco - Bolgheri

Produced by the prestigious winery of Grattamacco elected in 2014 as the best winery of the year. This red is enveloping silky and very pleasant. It was one of the last labels to be included in the Osteria's wine list and it has been a great success

Felciaino - Chiappini - Bolgheri

It has been part of the Osteria's wine list since two years and it has had a great success. It is not the usual wine of Bolgheri ciottolone and barricaded. Felciaino stands out for its pleasantness, for the authentic taste of the grapes, and for this beautiful ripe fruit that you taste. It is a great natural wine worth tasting and discovering

Adeo - Campo alla Sughera - Bolgheri

A photonic wine that is produced from a 16 hectares parcel. A wine which is very drinkable, in fact it has a very pleasing bouquet which reveals aromas of cherry, small berries, aromatic herbs and a delicate spacing. When it is drunk on the palate it is enveloping and warm, with a smooth entry in the mouth, with a harmonious fruit which stretches towards a finish of great balance and persistence.

Bordeaux Supérieur - Château de Ricaud

Château de Ricaud is located not far from Cadillac, a lovely town on the right bank of Garonne, in that part of Bordeaux better known as Gironde. Ricaud's Bordeaux Supérieur is produced in the heart of the Bordeaux appellation and it is made with Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. What to expect when drinking it ? It has a bright ruby color, on the nose it has intense hints of raspberry, wild blackberry, graphite, mint, spices and chocolate. In the mouth it is full, fruity, balanced, with a good structure and fine tannins.

Graves Rouge - Château Rahoul

This is the second time I have included this wine in a Tasting Set.... Why? ...the answer is very simple: because I love it and I am very happy to share it with you.
It is a wine which at sight shows a lively ruby color, very attractive. The nose is dominated by notes of blackberries alternated with licorice and a light nuance of toasted wood. On the palate it is generous, round, with a silky tannic texture and a refreshing sip which gladdens the finish. What can I say: an extra-spectacular!

Domaine Sibille - Syrah

I am very proud to share this discovery with you, why? Simply because after I selected it, it was awarded a gold medal! Sibille is a syrah produced in limited edition in the South of France. Already from the label one begins to adore it. The wine shows a beautiful intense color and to the palate it is rich and structured, nice notes of black fruit, fine tannins accompanying the finish. At Osteria it has become one of the wines I often suggest.

Why choose this package ? because it is amazing !

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