Lo Chanel N.5 dell'olio EVO

The Chanel No.5 of EVO oil

Chanel N°5 tasted like a woman, Coco Chanel's woman.....

In 1924, Mademoiselle Chanel signed a contract with Pierre Wertheimer, owner of Les Parfumeries Bourjois, the most famous French cosmetic house at the time, to create a new company, Les Parfums Chanel.
An eternal perfume and a refined package

I must confess a personal truth of mine to tell you how sometimes prejudices can distort reality. As you know, I started working during the weekend when I was in the seventh grade, in order to earn money at the end of the month and to begin to take my first steps in this fantastic world, this is to tell you that I have been to many places and I have attended many wine tastings, where I had always seen this rectangular bottle of wine.

I don't know why, but I had always associated this rectangular shape with a marketing gimmick. This belief of mine was so strong that I never tried it in my life....

At the age of 29 years old, I met Massimo of Azienda Agricola Pasolini Dall'Onda that, besides making excellent wines, also produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil, thanks to the three stones mill he has inside the property.

In the selection of Novo Olive Oil that he produces every year with meticulousness and attention he also produces Laudemio

So for the first time I discovered the true taste of Laudemio at the age of 29: can you imagine how many years of pure enjoyment I missed out on?

Origins of Laudemio and IGP?

In medieval times laudemio indicated the part of the harvest reserved to the lord, owner of the land.
After the frost of 1985 that hit Tuscany and led to the destruction of entire olive groves, the wealthy family decided to turn such a negative event into a real opportunity.
In this sense we can affirm that their intuition was visionary because Laudemio oil, born from the need to guarantee consumers its origin, production methods and organoleptic characteristics, where today it is a guarantee of excellence.
Since 1989 the production of Laudemio has been regulated by a disciplinary which was a forerunner in those times, safeguarding the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil.
The regulations of the European Union and the subsequent PGI and PDO, in fact, were born only later, around the 90s.

How many companies can produce it ?

Laudemio is produced only by twenty-two companies in the territory of Tuscany, where there are thousands of producers of EVO oil.

5 Rules for Excellence

1 - Olive trees
The olive groves are located between 200 and 500 meters above sea level and the terroir and microclimate mean that the olive trees produce fruit that is unique in the world for the intensity of its nutritional and organoleptic properties.

2 - Harvesting
The harvest always takes place before the olives ripen, in the month of October and by the end of November.
In this way all the properties that usually diminish with the advancement of ripeness remain integral in the product

3- Pressing
The crushing takes place in the shortest time possible, not later than 24 hours of collection
Pasolini da L'onda, has its own oil mill and in this way is able to follow step by step the whole production chain ensuring the highest quality.

4 - La limpidezza
The oil is filtered twice and for this reason it is limpid and without residues.
This characteristic not only makes it particularly durable because it is free of substances that can deteriorate over time, but also allows it to maintain its bright green color for longer.
Just store it the right way, always in its packaging, tightly closed and away from heat sources

5 -The Selection
Once produced, the extra virgin olive oil is tasted and evaluated by a commission of experts and only the one considered to be of the highest quality is selected as Laudemio

he characteristics of Laudemio oil

What first of all jumps to the eye is the packaging of this product, unusual, original and also particularly elegant.
The choice of an iconic bottle with an octagonal section, with a retro design similar to that of a French perfume, was conceived to underline and strengthen the excellence of Laudemio
The facets and transparent glass enhance the color and luminous reflections of the oil.
Each bottle shows the vintage of the harvest and this is a characteristic of Laudemio that makes it different from the common extra virgin olive oils.
The bottles are packaged in single cardboard cases to protect the Laudemio from the effects of light.
It is advisable, once opened, to keep it in its proper package and to store it in a cool place far from heat sources.
Laudemio oil is particularly clear, emerald green in color and smells of freshly mowed grass and artichokes.
To the palate has a very intense flavor of fresh fruit and a pleasantly spicy aftertaste and has a maximum acidity lower than 0,2%.

3 Benefits of Olive Oil for Our Health

1 - Preventing Alzheimer's
In fact, scholars have shown that its regular consumption is able to:
• reduce the formation of beta-amyloid plaques in the braino
• reduce inflammation in the brain
• protect memory and learning capacity

2 - Fighting Bad Cholesterol
• We can help our bodies fight cholesterol by introducing olive oil into our diet.
• Its monounsaturated fats stimulate blood circulation, help eliminate bad cholesterol (LDL) and promote the increase of good cholesterol (HDL)

3 - Protect from bacteria
• The extra virgin olive oil also has the ability to protect our body from bacteria and all harmful microorganisms
• This is because it is able to strengthen the immune system: its nutrients in fact fight bacteria and other harmful cells for our body and eliminate them, protecting us from infectious diseases.

As Chanel No. 5 is defined...

[An everlasting scent and exquisite packaging] so that's why I decided to nickname the Laudemio [The Chanel No. 5 of Chianti].

The only difference is that the Chanel No.5 of Chianti is used in cooking cold to season and to enhance the dishes: you can transform a simple salad into a royal dish, personally since I love meat and live in the wonderful land of Tuscany, I love it poured on Bistecca alla Fiorentina.

It is an elixir of long life that you can use in your family, to give as a gift or to buy with your family, relatives, friends and neighbors!