The philosophy of Sharing Emotions

In search of unknown people and products hidden in their territory

I want to share stories, notes and anecdotes with you.
They are stories of people and family traditions
They are stories of hills, of places, of culture, of passions
They are stories of life, dreams and adventures
They are stories of everyday life
These are stories we tell every day

My mission

My mission is to share information with you that can enable you to make informed purchases.
I want to connect you with a selection of authentic products that are worth discovering, tasting and telling about.
I'm here to reveal the secrets hidden inside the bottles and let you taste with joy, love and passion.

The Power of Sharing

I would like to take a journey with you inside the small wineries, those far from the mass market that with a feeble voice have difficulty to be heard.
The power of sharing is to introduce you to the dreams of small producers. It's a culture that celebrates the pleasures of the table, that talks about simple and sustainable tastes that does away with the old gatekeepers. To do this, we build beautiful, warm spaces and experiences that orbit around wine and certain products that complement the art of fine dining. Mine is a simple idea based on introducing you to small realities and making you understand where they come from, who they are and how to have the right key to have a correct interpretation of their products.

A journey that began more than twenty years ago....

I started this job as a joke, like a weekend game when I was a boy. I was lucky because with the passing of time this game turned into a school of life that led me to travel in France, Scotland, England and in various parts of Italy. I was lucky enough to work in the best hotels and restaurants in the world and this allowed me to come into contact with many people from different cultures. I have always been curious, and this has allowed me to always push myself further, until I get to the heart of things. With the passing of time I realized that everything I discovered and assimilated has a very precious value because it goes far beyond superficiality. I have treasured and jealously guarded many stories and now I have decided to share them with you. This is because the small producers I've met, their families and often the communities they live in, depend on us to sell their products and spread their stories. This responsibility is central to everything I do and gives meaning to all my work.

I want the handcrafted products I have selected to become part of your daily life

Real Experiences

If I have not tasted it I will not sell it

I have made it a point to meet the producer as much as possible before selling his products. I want to understand who he is, what his story is and that of the products he produces. I want to be the ambassador of all the stories and share them with you.


Sharing is contagious

The joy of the products I share with you is absolutely wonderful and is something everyone should experience. Every single product I sell should sweep away any doubts and transfer you joy, pleasantness and harmony.

Authentic People

The Human Side

Behind every product and behind every bottle of wine there are people who work on it every day. They are small artisans who with passion, conviction and curiosity try to make their product better day by day.

Il Gusto

Less is better

I am in love with authentic products and am allergic to manufactured and manipulated products. I love authenticity and all those producers who try to preserve simple and real tastes. Our duty is to accept them as they are and not as they should be. I am in love with the art of imperfection.