Champagne and Champagne

      Champagne as a sparkling wine, its elegance and its indisputable class is intimately connected to its production area, Champagne. In this area in the course of centuries has found its definition the "Champenoise" production method by refermentation in bottle, which then spread all over the world, starting from different grapes as well as from the same grapes used in Champagne. However the class, elegance and personality of the wines produced in the area of origin is still unmatched.

      The area known as Champagne is located at about 150 kilometers (about 150 miles) north-east from Paris. It seems vine was present in the area since the tertiary era, however the enological history of Champagne begins with the Roman Empire. Only starting from the seventeenth century, thanks to a series of circumstances due to the particular environmental and climatic conditions of the area, producers began to interpret, exploit and control the various production phases, up to what we call today "Champagne" in the middle of the 1800s.

      Max has selected only Champagne RM

      R.M. Recoltant Manipulant: it is the farmer-owner who processes part or all of the grapes he harvests and only these.

      Grapes for the production of Champagne

      There are three grapes for the production of Champagne and of the three grapes, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, curiously enough only the first one is a white grape, whereas Pinots are both black, but very suitable for white vinification.