Spirits from Panama


      Plantation rums are a real journey in the Caribbean because each rum has its own diversity with characteristic local flavors and each country that distills rum has its own terroir with its own traditions, production techniques so that the degrees of fermentation and distillation are always unique.

      All rums undergo a double aging: first in the Caribbean, because in this way high temperatures can exalt the rustic and exotic flavors of the country of origin, and then in Cognac where the aging is perfected thanks to the historical competence and knowledge of Maison Ferrand, one of the most ancient producers of liquors of the French region.

      The Maison already had important business relations with the most important distilleries of the Caribbean to whom it sold the casks used to age its cognacs.

      Alexandre Gabriel, deep connoisseur of the Caribbean, was able to discover some small lots of rums of extraordinary quality and intensity, very valuable, which were often used for the personal consumption of the Maitre de Chai - master of cask - or used to make other blends precious. Thus was born the idea of commercializing these extraordinary rums, the real expression of the Farms, or better to say of the "Plantations", the plantations of the countries of origin where they were produced.