Spirits from Cuba


      The Cubaney collection was born in Cuba but it is produced in Santo Domingo and then distributed all over the world. Cubaney is a rum which is destined to lovers and connoisseurs because it can be defined as a "meditation" rum.

      One of the most recommended matchings with Cubaney is chocolate.

      The history of rum is above all a history of journeys, conquests and discoveries. It is the story of a distillate that accompanies men in their desires of frontier, through unknown lands and skies. A story sometimes sweet, like the climate and the paradisiacal vegetation of the islands of the New World, but also bitter, cruel, made of prevarication and contrasts. A story rich in contradictions, which can be found in the ancient and unconventional taste of a distillate born from an adventure, ennobled by time and become legendary.

      We crossed the ocean to discover a story similar to ours, a story of emigration, experience and passion. In the eighteenth century, the Spaniard Don Juanillo Oliver reached Cuba and dedicated himself to the cultivation of tobacco, sugar cane and the distillation of rum. Then, after almost two centuries, due to the revolution of 1959, the Oliver family moved to the lush and sensual Santo Domingo where the economic and social conditions were more favorable. Here, among white beaches and infinite blue seas, they continued the production of aguardiente according to the Cuban spirit and tradition.