The friendship with Michele dei Greppi di Silli has been going on for more than 13 years.

      Max was very impressed by Michele's project and a great feeling was born immediately that identifies with the healthy products of the local territory

      On Michele's farm, the beehives have always colored the fields and the freshly harvested honey has always made adults and children lick their lips!

      The breeding of bees is incredibly fascinating and when you get close to this small but tireless and very organized world, you are easily charmed. Those who live every day in the countryside know well the fundamental role that bees play in the pollination of plants, helping to keep this land of ours beautiful and varied. The life of these noble insects, however, is possible only in a healthy environment and not contaminated by the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

      In a clean and uncontaminated environment, and using a responsible technique of breeding and harvesting honey, Michele produces signature honeys. 

      Max has nicknamed his Wild Berry Honey a Romantic Honey, because selected wild berries are added to the acacia honey, which over time begin to lose their red filaments, and within a week turn the honey from clear to a red reminiscent of a romantic sunset.