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It is an online shopping born from the will of Max who offers to all customers his twenty years of experience. It is possible to buy wine, spirits, and food products, where all products have been tasted and selected by Max. A very important and distinguishing feature is that many of the products offered have been tasted on site. The goal is the sharing of emotions related to products that can be purchased and tasted in a simple and easy way inside your home

Products mainly come from small local micro realities of Tuscany. Some products such as distillates and some wine labels can also come from all over the world and they have been included in the catalog because they are an excellent product and, above all, they have a very unique story that deserves to be told and tasted.

All the products offered can be purchased directly online. Once you have registered on the site, simply select the desired product(s) and follow the purchase procedure, which will accompany you until the completion of your order, in a few clicks and comfortably from your desktop or mobile device. Once you have purchased the product you will receive an email notification of the purchase.

In the unlikely event that an ordered product is no longer available we will refund your order as soon as possible.

If you receive one or more damaged bottles at your address, please contact us immediately at You may be asked to send us the bottle to be returned and to send us by e-mail some photos with the description of the damage (photo of the damaged product, complete photo of the shipping box, legible photo of the shipping label reported on the damaged box, photo of the courier's delivery receipt) in order to allow us to verify the problem and to intervene accordingly. During delivery, if you detect obvious damage to the package and contents, you must sign the copy of the delivery receipt that the courier retains indicating ACCEPT WITH RESERVE and specifying the problem encountered eg wet package, broken package, package reconditioned etc.).

The smell of cork is transmitted to wine by cork, when the cork is attacked by an innocuous mold of cork oak. It can sometimes overpower the organoleptic properties of wine; not rarely, it can be confused with characteristics typical of some wines, such as accentuated woody or toasted flavors. In case you found in one or more wines the smell of corkiness, you can contact us. Subsequently, it will be necessary to send to Osteria di Casa Chianti the bottles considered non conforming by means of a return procedure; the product or products must be returned with at least 2/3 of the content and with original cork; the bottle or bottles must be sent in the original packaging to preserve its integrity. Upon receipt of the bottles, we will verify the defect reported and, should it be confirmed, we will refund the relative bottles.


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