The selection of Rum conceived and created by Max hosts more than 21 labels that form one of the most original collections in Tuscany

      Each selected Rum has been researched, studied and finally selected with the spirit of offering you the best on the market: they are unique products, far from the mass market.

      The rum comes from the cultivation of sugar cane. The plant, once mature, is cut and pressed in a mill in order to obtain the juice. In ancient times, after pressing, this extract was left to ferment in order to obtain an alcoholic substance.

      TRADITIONAL RUMS means all those rums that come from molasses. That is, all those rums that "as per tradition" are obtained from the by-products of cane sugar extraction.

      What does XO rum mean?

      When they reach 25 years of aging they are called XO (Extra Old) and they are the aristocracy of meditation rums, with a very high price.

      Rum and Chocolate

      The contrast that rum and dark chocolate leave in the mouth make both flavors to be enhanced and more perceived by the tongue.