Extra virgin olive oil


      Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Max represents something essential in daily life. In every dish we can not use this precious olive juice that gives and enhances our dishes created in the kitchen.

      Laudemio, nicknamed by Max as Chanel No. 5, is unique in its kind because with its silky and aromatic flavor it gives an incredible grace to the taste of the dish.

      Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil, also known as EVO?
      Is extra virgin olive oil the best in the world?

      Extra virgin olive oil is exceptional for its taste and digestibility, and is rich in valuable substances that reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and curb free radicals. The method used to produce it greatly affects the flavor and quality of the oil. Extra virgin olive oil is extracted in an exclusively mechanical way, without the use of heat or solvents. It is pure: hence the term "virgin" but in order to deserve the denomination of "extra virgin", it must have an acidity level lower than 0.8%. Extra virgin olive oil is famous for its healthy properties.

      It contains, among the many beneficial substances, polyphenols, which in other types of oil are almost completely lost with refining. These natural compounds help fight aging and have important beneficial effects on health. Antioxidant properties of extra virgin olive oil are best expressed when it is part of the Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits and vegetables and low in animal fats. This diet has been associated to lower incidences of heart disease, diabetes and many forms of cancer