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Champagne Special Club
Lo “Special Club” è un’ associazione esclusiva nata nel 1971, dove appartengono solo coltivatori RM (Récoltant-Manipulat) questa denominazione viene conferita a chi produce lo champagne esclusivamente con uve derivanti da vigneti di proprietà, elaborate nella propria cantina e commercializzate con...
The New Oil - Harvest 2021 - Max Selection
Novo Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Max Osteria di Casa Chianti Selection This is a very nice time of the year for me, because in addition to enjoying the beautiful colors of the Tuscan countryside we find a product that...
Wild boar ragout

A simple recipe to share with your family

The Chanel No.5 of EVO oil

What does Chanel No. 5 have to do with...?

Rosé Wine - I Tre Calvi
There are many who make rose wine, but believe me there are few wineries who do it drinkable.Many produce it following the French fashion, obtaining acid products, exhausted of perfumes and very hard to drink: instead of transferring pleasantness, they...