Giving a Voucher is very simple

Choose and purchase your favorite package

Once we receive confirmation of your purchase we will process and issue the voucher as soon as possible (1-2 working days)

Once processed and created the voucher will be sent to you by email and has the validity of one year from the date of issue

In order to use the voucher, it is necessary to make a reservation and it must be printed and handed in at the entrance of the restaurant.

The menus of the vouchers are designed for two people and the menu must be the same for both people

Vouchers can be used for both lunch and dinner

Dishes that have the presence of ingredients such as porcini mushrooms, truffles, filet or other special dishes of the day that have a particular preparation, can be chosen with an additional charge

By paying the difference the client can choose to have a different wine from the one included in the package

The final customer who takes advantage of the voucher has the right to choose the menu and the wine a la carte paying the difference on the final bill, and the prices of both dishes and wine will be considered the ones displayed in the menu of Osteria di Casa Chianti