Vino Rosato - I Tre Calvi

Rosé Wine - I Tre Calvi

There are many who make rose wine, but believe me there are few wineries who do it drinkable.

Many produce it following the French fashion, obtaining acid products, exhausted of perfumes and very hard to drink: instead of transferring pleasantness, they obtain the opposite effect.

Obviously, with my selection I don't want to fall into the emblazoned names, I'm always looking for some gem that has a limited production and is pleasing to the palate and in particular has a low acidity: I hate wines that when you drink them make your stomach burn because besides making you feel bad, they also ruin the matching of food and wine.

Production Limited to 1.200 bottles

Rosato I Tre Calvi is produced from a small handkerchief of land located in Radda in Chianti from a very dear friend of mine named Filippo. The production is really limited edition, in fact there are only 1200 bottles and we are only 3 to have the possibility to sell it.

It has a light salmon color, has floral aromas where a light rose and a peach stand out, in the mouth it is nice and fresh, slightly mineral and has a low acidity.

The structure is very pleasant in fact, it has a light body, and to be frank
the big flaw it has, is that one glass leads to another, so much so that you turn around and the bottle is gone!

I associate rosé wine to summer, to the pleasant moments related to Friendliness family or friends: drinking well in these moments is essential!

The grape blend is very characteristic of the Chianti region in fact the base is Sangiovese cut with a small percentage of Cabernet e Merlot

Why did I choose it ?

I chose it because I know how it was produced
I chose it because no chemical concoctions were used to produce it
I chose it because it is limited edition
I chose it because, like Filippo, I put my face to guarantee quality.