Pecorino Stagionato con Tartufo

Pecorino Stagionato con Tartufo

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VARIETY: Pecorino
PHILOSOPHY: Small Producer
FORMAT: 450g / 1400g

Pecorino al Tartufo is produced using only fresh pasteurized sheep's milk, Volterra salt, rennet, milk enzymes and the "real" black truffle.

The rind, white or very pale straw yellow in color, is soft and studded with nuggets of truffle, small pieces which are also found inside the light and compact paste. Its structure is very balanced and is the result of a careful maturation that varies from 30 to 60 days. We could define this pecorino as a "meditation" cheese for the exceptional flavor that distinguishes it. It has intense and aromatic notes of truffle, which combine perfectly with the sweetness of sheep's milk, in a marriage of unique flavors that explodes in the mouth from the first taste.

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