5 Palline - Grappa e Distillati
5 Palline - Grappa e Distillati
5 Palline - Grappa e Distillati
5 Palline - Grappa e Distillati

5 Palline - Grappa e Distillati

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A unique and exclusive gift!

5 Balls with Grappa and Precious Spirits (4 CL each)

6 Chocolates Venchi Selection

This is a unique and exclusive gift consisting of 5 balls with a content of 4 CL each, where inside are kept precious secrets made of unique and precious blends plus a tasting of 6 chocolates Venchi Selection.

What are the advantages of giving a tasting instead of giving a bottle as a present ?

By giving a Tasting you have the possibility to make a unique and exclusive gift, because it is like giving not just a plane ticket, but multiple plane tickets to make more trips in more territories, tasting and discovering not one nation, but rather the number of nations you will decide to put in the various balls!

1 Portion = 1 Ball = 1 Experience

1 Ball - Grappa Selezione Tignanello - Antinori

Grappa is a distillate unique in the world because it is obtained from the distillation of a solid raw material: the marc, that is, the skins of the grapes after they have been pressed to make wine.

Grappa Tignanello coming from Vigneto Tignanello, is a specialty produced in limited quantities and created to offer the aromas and flavors of the grapes grown in Chianti's land in a fine and aromatic distillate. The production is obtained by distilling the pomace of Sangiovese and Cabernet grapes harvested in the Tignanello vineyard, located in the Tignanello Estate in the heart of Chianti Classico. The fermented pomace is transferred to the distillery immediately after the emptying of the fermentation tanks (racking) and the relative pressing. This process ensures that the distillation is done by using only the best pomace, rich in alcohol and, above all, in aromatic substances. Among the lots of grappa obtained from the distillation of the different batches of pomace, only the best ones, the finest and most aromatic ones, are blended and bottled. Grappa Tignanello is available in limited quantities.

1 Ball - Cognac Grande Champagne "L'Organic 10" - Jean Luc Pasquet - Organic

Cognac is a distillate of wine, matured, corrected and aged for several years in oak barrels.

This vineyard located in Eraville, a stone's throw from Segonzac, capital of Grande Champagne, has its origins in 1730. The property will be handed down from generation to generation until Jean Luc Pasquet who will inherit the property in 1970. It is only in 1977 that Jean Luc Pasquet started bottling his production.

The vineyard is maintained in organic farming and planted with the Uni-Blanc grape variety, one of the three grape varieties of the Cognac region. This vineyard also has a few feet of Folle Blanche, the King grape of the Cognac region before the phylloxera crisis in the late 19th century. Aging in French oak barrels took 10 years to reach this exceptional level. The vineyard, planted mainly with Ugni Blanc grapes with a few ares of Folle Blanche, is cultivated according to organic farming regulations. The dress is in light Cuban mahogany. On the nose and palate: broad aromatic palette on white flowers like spring hawthorn or linden with a small stalk of violet followed by more structured aromas and flavors like cinnamon, spices (white and grey peppers), ginger and musk with a nice length in the mouth on woody vanilla and mocha.

1 Ball - Bas Armagnac VSOP - Samalen

Armagnac is the oldest wine distillate in France and perhaps the world.

Bas Armagnac V.S.O.P. by Samalens, with an aging of eight years, shows to have accomplished in the best way a path which led it to the complete maturity and to the perfection of taste. Bas Armagnac V.S.O.P. of Samalens, with an aging of eight years, shows to have accomplished in the best way a path which led it to the complete maturity and to the perfection of taste. It has a broad, smooth and full-bodied flavor. It is versatile and can be appreciated by the most different palates

1 Ball - Calvados V.S.O.P. Château du Breuil

Calvados is an appellation of origin apple cider brandy, produced in Normandy, France.

Calvados V.S.O.P. Chateau du Breuil with the appellation Calvados Pays d'Auge AOC is produced in France, precisely in Pont d'Élêveque. It is obtained by distilling apples, according to precise company's rules. In order to obtain a bottle of this product are used 27 kg of apples. The process involves the accurate harvesting of fruits in order to obtain the juice which will then be fermented through maceration and will evolve into cider. The latter, in order to become a brandy, will be distilled in first and second passage until reaching the desired alcohol by volume. Afterwards, it will rest in oak casks for a minimum period of 4 years. Calvados V.S.O.P. Chateau du Breuil is a fine and elegant Calvados, with hints which are very reminiscent of fruits. In case consumption is delayed for some years, it will be possible to perceive scents coming from the aging in cask during the aging process in the winery's cellars. This distillate is complex, elegant, balanced and harmonic.

1 Pallina - Tuscan Brandy il Quattrino - 

Brandy is the generic name of the brandy produced by distilling wine, after a period of aging in cask and in this case in Slavonian oak casks.

Tasting notes are variegated with a brilliant and limpid amber color. The bouquet is intense with hints of raisin, cinnamon and ripe fruit. In the mouth is enveloping, fine and persistent with a citrus finish which well balances its alcoholic content and the typical hints of wood.

What does the Tasting of Venchi Selection Chocolates include ?

3 Chocaviar Chocolates - Venchi Selection

The Chocaviar line is a very exclusive line of chocolates because the Chocaviar Cubotti are filled chocolates with an unmistakable taste. A crunchy shell of Cuor di Cacao, covered with 75% Chocaviar grains, encloses a soft cocoa filling: a sensory contrast for palates more akin to the strength of dark chocolates.

Flavors can vary between: Chocaviar Cacaco 75%, Chocaviar creme brulè, Chocaviar Pistachio

3 Cioccolatini Cubotti - Venchi Selection 

Pure dark chocolate cubes ranging from 60% to 80%. They are fine blends of Criollo and Forastero cocoa with an intense and penetrating aroma typical of the dominant Central American, with a peaty nuance. It melts with decisive slowness, slowly bringing out all the intensity of the cocoa mass and the slightly smoky note of the particular processing, without releasing acidity.


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