5 Balls - Top Sweet Wines
5 Balls - Top Sweet Wines
5 Balls - Top Sweet Wines
5 Balls - Top Sweet Wines

5 Balls - Top Sweet Wines

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A unique and exclusive gift!

5 "Top Sweet Wines" balls (4 CL each)

6 Chocolates Venchi Selection

This is a unique and exclusive gift consisting of 5 balls with a content of 4 CL each, where inside are kept precious secrets made of unique and precious blends plus a tasting of 6 chocolates Venchi Selection.

What are the advantages of giving a tasting instead of giving a bottle as a present ?

By giving a Tasting you have the possibility to make a unique and exclusive gift, because it is like giving not just a plane ticket, but multiple plane tickets to make more trips in more territories, tasting and discovering not one nation, but rather the number of nations you will decide to put in the various balls!

1 Portion = 1 Ball = 1 Experience

1 Ball - Chianti Vinsanto - Rocca di Castagnoli 

Vin Santo is a raisin wine, obtained from the vinification of raisin grapes, i.e. grapes that have undergone a long process of dehydration.

VINE: 90% Malvasia Bianca Lunga del Chianti, 10% Trebbiano Toscano

Amber color, rich and intense bouquet with hints of honey, vanilla and dried fruit (mainly almond). On the palate it is enveloping and harmonious, with a long taste persistence.

1 Pallina - Muffato della Sala - Antinori

Muffato della Sala is a fine and delicate dessert wine, produced with grapes harvested in November, when the bunches of grapes are covered with noble rot caused by Botrytis Cinerea, a fungus which attacks the skin without compromising the health of the grapes. Noble rot promotes the reduction of water content in grapes, the concentration of sugars and the formation in wine of a special complexity of aromas and flavors. It is a golden colored wine, with intense aromas of yellow fruits and citrus fruits, the taste is harmonious and corresponds to the olfactory notes.

1 Pallina - Muffato di Firenze - Fattoria di Petreto

Pourriture Noble of Alessandro Fonseca's Petreto Farm is a real nectar. It is produced near the Arno river in the countryside near Florence. In that place the atmospheric conditions in autumn, harvest time, favor the development of noble rot in the now ripe bunches. After the manual harvesting and the soft pressing of the grapes, the fermentation is developed directly in barriques where the wine will remain in refinement for over 12 months. Amber color with golden reflections, this dessert wine releases notes of apricot, honey, flowers and minerals.

1 Ball - Sauternes - Château de Malle - France

Château de Malle, a leading name for the production of Sauternes and Bordeaux wines and magnificent residence of Counts Lur-Saluces. A place of great viticultural traditions, Château de Malle encloses in this wine the passion and the dedication of all the generations which have been living in these lands for centuries. An enthralling and balanced nose is the prelude to a great drinkability which makes sipping this nectar truly pleasing. Blended from the three representative grapes of the appellation, sémillion, sauvignon and muscadelle, this Sauternes is fermented in barriques, where it is aged for about 20-24 months before being bottled. A real guarantee, to be reserved to all those important occasions when one wants to be on the safe side, by choosing a bottle of absolute prestige. At sight has a beautiful dark golden color. The olfactory examination shows fruity notes of orange marmalade and candied lemons, which alternate with hints of honey and spices. On the palate it has a great structure, opulent, almost creamy, with an aftertaste characterized by aromas of botrytis and spices

1 Ball - Tokaji Aszú - 5 Puttonyos - Samuel Tinon - Hungary

Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos is one of the finest passito wines produced by Samuel Tinon winery. It is a winery located in Tokay, Hungary. Here, on a volcanic-clayey soil and in presence of an ideal microclimate, are cultivated the most appreciated grapes of Hungary. The wine in question is almost entirely made of Furmint grapes, to which is added ten percent of Harslevelu. Once bunches of grapes have been attacked, on the plant, by the noble rot Botrytis cinerea, harvesting is done, only by hand. Grapes are then subjected to a maceration process; this phase lasts about one month, after which the must obtained is transferred in wooden casks, without covers, for fermentation. After 2 years, the wine is finally ready to be bottled. In the glass, Samuel Tinon's Tokaj Aszú 5 Puttonyos shows an intense golden yellow color, tending to amber. The nose has aromas of lemon and candied fruit. The palate is intense and full bodied, pleasantly refreshing, with a very elegant finish of apricot.

What is included in the Tasting of Chocolates Venchi Selection ?

3 Chocaviar Chocolates - Venchi's Selection

The Chocaviar line is a very exclusive line of chocolates because the Chocaviar Cubotti are filled chocolates with an unmistakable taste. A crunchy shell of Cuor di Cacao, covered with 75% Chocaviar grains, encloses a soft cocoa filling: a sensory contrast for palates more akin to the strength of dark chocolates.

Flavors can vary between: Chocaviar Cacaco 75%, Chocaviar creme brulè, Chocaviar Pistachio

3 Cioccolatini Cubotti - Venchi Selection 

Pure dark chocolate cubes ranging from 60% to 80%. They are fine blends of Criollo and Forastero cocoa with an intense and penetrating aroma typical of the dominant Central American, with a peaty nuance. It melts with decisive slowness, slowly bringing out all the intensity of the cocoa mass and the slightly smoky note of the particular processing, without releasing acidity.


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