5 Palline - "Top Limited Edition Rum" & Cioccolata
5 Palline - "Top Limited Edition Rum" & Cioccolata
5 Palline - "Top Limited Edition Rum" & Cioccolata
5 Palline - "Top Limited Edition Rum" & Cioccolata

5 Palline - "Top Limited Edition Rum" & Cioccolata

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A unique and exclusive gift!

5 Balls with Rum Top Limited Edition (4 CL each)

6 Chocolates Venchi Selection

This is a unique and exclusive gift consisting of 5 balls with a content of 4 CL each, where inside are kept precious secrets made of unique and precious blends plus a tasting of 6 chocolates Venchi Selection.

What are the advantages of giving a tasting instead of giving a bottle as a present ?

By giving a Tasting you have the possibility to make a unique and exclusive gift, because it is like giving not just a plane ticket, but multiple plane tickets to make more trips in more territories, tasting and discovering not one nation, but rather the number of nations you will decide to put in the various balls!

1 Portion = 1 Ball = 1 Experience

1 Ball - Centenary Rum - 30 Years - Costa Rica

Centenario rum is aged with the Solera System, an ancient process in which art and experience suggest the blending of rums of different ages and personalities, to allow them to mature while absorbing the characteristics of the different barrels in which they rest. Blending is an art and the master "mezclador" creates a blend just like an artist uses different colors to create a painting, selecting barrels based on the age, type and character of the rhum they contain. This dynamic, artisanal process requires constant attention and the luxury of time. Following the Solera process, CENTENARIO rhum ages in a series of oak barrels that have previously housed robust bourbons or delicate sherries. This sophisticated process results in a deep, richly flavored rum of exceptional harmony and unparalleled quality.

1 Flask - Millonario XO Reserva Especial - 20 Years - Peru

Millonario XO Reserva Especial rum comes directly from Peru, in the region of Lambayeque, where it has been distilled since 1904. More than a century of history, therefore, made of intense climates and rich lands, passion and long tradition. Therefore it should not be surprising if it has been awarded with many prizes, among which several worldwide awards, especially in its Reserva Especial version, aged for 15 years.

Well known in the world, this rum has a full and enveloping taste, also justified by the aging in oak casks, which contributed to make it the flagship of the distillery. The taste reveals the presence of old vintage and seduces with the notes of dried fruit mixed to cinnamon and the essence of cigar box wood. Passion is exalted when the scents of aromas, toffee and cloves arrive. A triumph of flavors and emotions which almost stun the palate and envelope, with a sensation of superior and full pleasure. Also evident is the presence of figs, almonds and the piquancy of cinnamon. Very appreciated by the most refined palates, looking for something with a strong personality.

1 Ball - Rum Unhiq XO - 30 Years - Cuba

Although the concept of "Malt rum" may seem unfamiliar to most ron consumers, it is nonetheless a product that has its roots in the Cuban ronera culture of the 19th century. During those years, the vast majority of ron came from the distillation of sugar cane molasses, with an alcohol content at the origin of about 90°, which was then diluted. With the distillation in alembic stills they obtained aguardiente between 45 and 50% alcohol by volume, destined for consumption without any further dilution. In the Cubanacan area, later renamed Las Villas, a small and selected group of distillers created the production of spirits between 72 and 74%, to be sold at 42%. The result was a ron much more delicate and smooth than aguardiente, but with a full bouquet and more pleasing than distillates at 90°. The name was given by a priest of Greek-Hispanic origin, parish priest in the village of Las Placetas and a great admirer of local ron. Father Pertika noted that this new taste of ron reminded him of the honey of his childhood and as "malt" is the Greek name for honey, he coined for the new product the term "ron de malta". The original formula of "malt rum" was recovered by Nancy G. de Blank, wife of a descendant of don Juanillo Oliver, great Cuban ron producer of the XIX century. An artisanal ron, unique, excellent and inimitable in limited edition and characterized by aromas, taste and bouquet of excellence.

1 Ball - Kirk and Sweeney Rum - 23 years - Dominican Republic

Kirk & Sweeney is produced in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.

The name pays homage to a wooden schooner known for smuggling rum from the Caribbean to the Northeast during the early years of Prohibition. Distilled in the traditional way from sugarcane molasses, it is left to age in oak barrels for 23 years to fully develop its flavor profile. Complex and intriguing, it touches a wide range of aromas, from the intensity of vanilla to notes of sherry and grapes, supported by the fragrance of toasted sugarcane. Years of aging and careful blending add hints of dried fruit, nutmeg, cinnamon and spice with a touch of oak.

1 Ball - Rhum Vieux Agricole "Cuvée Homère Clément" - Martinique

Rhum Vieux Agricole Horse d'Age "Cuvée Homère Clément" is one of Clement Rhum's most prestigious productions. Maison Clement is based in Martinique, one of the jewels of the Caribbean archipelago; after many years of activity, it has become a real and proper authority in the sector. In order to celebrate the long activity of the winery, it was created Rhum Vieux Agricole Horse d'Age "Cuvée Homère Clément", dedicated to its founder Homère Clément; this product is the result of the blend of the best Rhum Agricole vintages of the last decade, which, once blended together, create an original and complex Cuvée. Before being bottled, the rhum is aged in oak casks (previously used for the aging of bourbon), after which it spends about 6 years, at controlled temperature. The final result is a powerful rhum, but refined, complex, warm, aromatic, evocative, very elegant. From pure meditation.

What does the Venchi Selection Chocolates Tasting include?

3 Chocaviar Chocolates - Venchi Selection

The Chocaviar line is a very exclusive line of chocolates because the Chocaviar Cubotti are filled chocolates with an unmistakable taste. A crunchy shell of Cuor di Cacao, covered with 75% Chocaviar grains, encloses a soft cocoa filling: a sensory contrast for palates more akin to the strength of dark chocolates.

Flavors can vary between: Chocaviar Cacaco 75%, Chocaviar creme brulè, Chocaviar Pistachio

3 Cioccolatini Cubotti - Venchi Selection 

Pure dark chocolate cubes ranging from 60% to 80%. They are fine blends of Criollo and Forastero cocoa with an intense and penetrating aroma typical of the dominant Central American, with a peaty nuance. It melts with decisive slowness, slowly bringing out all the intensity of the cocoa mass and the slightly smoky note of the particular processing, without releasing acidity.


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giovanna a.
Italy Italy

Rum che passione

Molto positiva, sia per la qualità che per la cortesia e attenzione del personale verso il cliente.

Luciana S.
Italy Italy

Regalo Compleanno

Ho visto la pubblicità su facebook delle Palline regalo di natale e visto che domenica scorsa era il compleanno del mio ragazzo ho deciso di fargli una sopresa. La confezione regalo è semplice e molto carina. Un grazie speciale va a Max che mi ha guidato nella scelta visto che non sono esperta di distillati.

Luca C.
Italy Italy

Perfetto !

E' il terzo anno che acquisto il Panettone da Max e tutti gli anni ci sono dei gusti nuovi, infatti quest'anno l'ho preso con arancia e cointreau. Mi piace molto anche la qualità del servizio offerto da Max che è sempre pronoto a darti un buon consiglio: avanti tutta ! Luca