Box N 7 - "Bolgheri Experience"

Box N 7 - "Bolgheri Experience"

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 1 Bottle of Il Seggio - Allegrini

 1 Bottle of Il Bruciato - Marchesi Antinori

 1 Bottle of Le Macchiole - Le Macchiole

 1 Bottle of Bolgheri - Grattamacco

 1 Bottle of Adeo - Campo alla Sughera

 1 Bottle of Felciaino - Chiappini

Do you want to discover the secrets of Bolgheri wines?

 Thanks to the Tasting Set "Bolgheri Experience" you can discover the tastes and stories contained within the bottles of wine. There are labels that have made the history of the most famous tree-lined street in the world, and there are also small reality.

 It 'a Tasting Set dedicated to all lovers of Bolgheri, fruity and full-bodied wines.

The purchase of the Box provides free shipping throughout Italy

Gift: Free Corkscrew!

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