5 Balls - Rum Experience & Chocolate
5 Balls - Rum Experience & Chocolate
5 Balls - Rum Experience & Chocolate
5 Balls - Rum Experience & Chocolate

5 Balls - Rum Experience & Chocolate

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A unique and exclusive gift!

5 Rum Tasting Balls (4 CL each)

6 Chocolates Venchi Selection

This is a unique and exclusive gift consisting of 5 balls with a content of 4 CL each, where inside are kept precious secrets made of unique and precious blends plus a tasting of 6 chocolates Venchi Selection.

What are the advantages of giving a tasting instead of giving a bottle as a present ?

By giving a Tasting you have the possibility to make a unique and exclusive gift, because it is like giving not just a plane ticket, but multiple plane tickets to make more trips in more territories, tasting and discovering not one nation, but rather the number of nations you decide to put in the various balls!

1 Portion = 1 Ball = 1 Experience

Let's find out what these mysterious balls contain...

1 Ball - Rum Plantation - Jamaica

Platation Jamaica is a vintage rum coming from molasses and distilled in pot still.

still. The aging takes place in Jamaica in ex-bourbon casks, and the subsequent aging in France. Rum of strong personality and structure, to the taste is rustic and intense.

1 Pellet - Demerara Rum - Guyana - Limited Edition

Rum Nation Demerara Solera n.14 was born in English Guyana from the skilful blending of rums coming from the distillation of molasses. It is a blend which ages mainly in Bourbon casks and 12 months in Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso casks. This choice allows for a creamy sweetness while giving a spicy character. At the end is added a small part of very old Enmore rum for more complexity

1 Pellet - Rum Botran Solera 18 Years - Guatemala 

Delicious blend of different rums aged up to 18 years after having been distilled from sugar cane juice subjected to slow fermentation. Ron Añejo Botran Solera 1893 is aged according to the Solera System at 2.400 meters above sea level in oak casks, original first and medium toasted then, which previously contained American Whisky and aged Sherry wines; finally Botran Solera is aged in casks which aged Port.

1 Ball - Ron "Dos Maderas PX 5+5 Years Old" - Williams & Humbert

The most refined Rums from Barbados and from the Republic of Guyana are carefully selected and wisely blended, giving origin to very particular organoleptic flavors. After a first aging period of at least 5 years, made in the Caribbean, the Rum is transferred to Williams & Humbert, where it ages for another 5 years in casks which previously contained the best Sherry Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez. This is how Ron "Dos Maderas PX 5+5 Years Old" was born: it is a great distillate, not easily describable in words. It is worth tasting it.

1 Pellet - Rum Cubaney Selecto 18 Years Old

In the 1700's the Spaniard Don Juanillo Oliver reached Cuba and dedicated himself to the cultivation of tobacco, sugar cane and to the distillation of rum. Then, after almost two centuries, due to the revolution of 1959, the Oliver family moved to the lush and sensual Santo Domingo where the economic and social conditions were more favorable. Here, among white beaches and infinite blue seas, they continued the production of aguardiente according to the Cuban spirit and tradition.

The distillate ages up to eighteen years in oak barrels supervised with care and passion by the Oliver family. While tasting it, the senses dance between creamy notes of wood, dried fruit, vanilla and chocolate, and are lost in the echo of a Merengue in the distance.

What does the Venchi Selection Chocolates Tasting include?

3 Chocaviar Chocolates - Venchi Selection

The Chocaviar line is a very exclusive line of chocolates because the Chocaviar Cubotti are filled chocolates with an unmistakable taste. A crunchy shell of Cuor di Cacao, covered with 75% Chocaviar grains, encloses a soft cocoa filling: a sensory contrast for palates more akin to the strength of dark chocolates.

Flavors can vary between: Chocaviar Cacaco 75%, Chocaviar creme brulè, Chocaviar Pistachio

3 Cioccolatini Cubotti - Venchi Selection 

Pure dark chocolate cubes ranging from 60% to 85%. They are fine blends of Criollo and Forastero cocoa with an intense and penetrating aroma typical of the dominant Central American, with a peaty nuance. It melts with decisive slowness, slowly bringing out all the intensity of the cocoa mass and the slightly smoky note of the particular processing, without releasing acidity.


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