Gift Thinking of You

Gift Thinking of You

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 1 Jar of Dario Cecchini's Aromatic Salt - 220 gr

 1 Bottle of Giuseppe Giusti Balsamic Vinegar aged 12 years - 250 ml

 1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Laudemio Selection - 500 ml

It is a tasting set for every day

 It is the experience of good things to give the gift of cuddles of goodness!

 Salt is suitable both for cooking and for making excellent "pinzimoni".

 Vinegar for seasoning gives the dishes a special taste.

 The Laudemio oil is a precious mixture that, with its scent, enhances the dishes

If you want to give something to reawaken the harmony of everyday life with originality, goodness and class, this is the perfect gift!

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